Frequently asked questions

Is this program right for me?
My program may be the right fit for you if you can honestly answer “yes” to the following statements:

If you did not check all of the boxes above, you’re probably not ready for my program and likely need more time to get prepared. I know you want a love relationship, but be patient—at some point in the future you will be ready to find love. When you get there, I hope you will try my program.
Will I find lasting love if I complete this program?
No program, course, book, CD or coach can guarantee that you will find lasting love. It just doesn’t work that way. Only you can decide if you’ve found true love and only you are in control of the process to get there. On top of that, it only happens if you feel you deserve it and accept yourself as you are. If you can get to this point, then the odds are highly in your favor!

If you take the program seriously, do the exercises, read the supplemental material, and really dig deep, I can guarantee that you’ll gain some important insights into yourself and your dating life, and you’ll experience your own aha moments. For example, you might gain the confidence and courage to date again. Or you will realize your past patterns aren’t working and change them into ones that do. Or you’ll you learn how to ask for what you truly want. If my program can empower you in any of these ways, then it’s a success. If you stick with it and stay true to yourself and show that true self to the men you date, then you will very likely, with patience, find that one who says, “I’m so lucky to have met you–let’s do this love thing together.”

What can I expect with this program?
You will learn more about yourself and the role your caregivers played in shaping your adult relationships. You will recognize how your behaviors and patterns have affected your relationships, and you’ll work on changing the ones that no longer work for you.

You will create and use a dating plan and strategies to screen your dates, so you don’t waste time and energy with people who are not a good fit for you. You’ll learn to set appropriate boundaries, face your fears around intimacy and practice communicating openly with others—these steps are the foundation for your future long-term love relationship.

As you work through the program, you will feel confident and empowered to make smart decisions about the people you date.

Is my personal information safe if I enroll in this program?
All your personal information is stored on our server that is secured by SSL, which means that all data sent between your browser and our server is encrypted. Your information will be stored indefinitely on the server; if at any time you wish to have it deleted, simply email us at and we will permanently delete it.

Your credit card and billing information is processed by PayPal. DateWise does not store or have access to your credit card or billing information. We promise not to sell your email address or phone number to marketing firms. Read more about our privacy policy.

Is private coaching necessary for success with the Seven Steps to Love Program?
The short answer is no. You don’t need coaching to be successful with the program. However, one-on-one private coaching with me is right for you if you’re the type of person who needs personalized feedback and support to:

  1. Stay on track with the program and get the most of the self-exploration exercises.
  2. Tackle key obstacles in your path to love.
  3. Eliminate being overwhelmed with dating.
  4. Write an authentic online dating profile, screen possible matches and learn how to handle specific dating situations.
  5. Learn to test your relationship and develop communication skills.

Private coaching is a significant investment, one that will transform your dating life and support you on your journey to love. I developed the program so that it may be used with support with someone other than myself, such as a therapist, counselor or spiritual guide.

What can I expect with private coaching?
My coaching style has been described as “friendly but firm.” I’m supportive and will be an active listener, providing guidance when you encounter difficulties, challenging you to grow and urging you to step out of your comfort zone. I will encourage you to take action to get what you want, not just talk about it.

If you live in the Seattle area or are willing to travel to Seattle, then in-person coaching is the best option for you. There are many benefits of working together face-to-face. If in-person sessions aren’t an option, then phone and video coaching are perfectly workable alternatives.

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