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DateWise is a pragmatic, step-by-step, online, interactive program that can change the way you date and set you on a path to meeting the love of your life!

I was a successful business woman who sucked at dating.

At 42 years old, I was a successful executive recruiter and coach at the top of my professional game, yet my dating self was completely stuck. I truly wanted a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with a man. I dated a lot but constantly compromised my values, was unsure how to ask for what I wanted and deserved, and was attracted to men who weren’t good matches for me. None of it was leading to love.

My aha moment.

One day, in a flash of clarity, I decided I needed to approach my dating situation just as I would a work problem. I put my recruiting and coaching skills together with my years of therapy, workshops and self-help books, and created a sensible, straightforward plan for myself to date in a completely new way. With patience, trial and error, I discovered this purposeful approach to finding love worked. One year later I found love with a wonderful man.

DateWise was born!

I realized I had created something important that could help other women as well and I wanted to share it. I developed the DateWise approach to dating program and began working with women, helping them change the way they dated. These women started to see the same results I did. But don’t take my word for it—read what my clients have said about the program.

Easy to access. Online & in printable format. Flexible for your busy schedule.

The DateWise program is built on seven steps that provide you with insight into yourself, help you develop a completely new way to date and teach you how to create an action plan to keep you moving toward love.
It includes:

  • Concise and organized easy-to-follow advice structured into seven steps to take over twelve weeks or at your own pace
  • Challenging exercises to help you uncover issues, remove blocks and change behavior patterns that haven’t been working
  • Dating and resource toolkits for added support and guidance
  • Sample scripts and questions to help you navigate screening initial candidates and early dates
  • Targets and goals at the end of each step to keep you on track
  • Optional coaching packages to professionally assist you through the steps
  • A private client email messaging center for questions, support, feedback and advice along the way

Is DateWise right for you?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, DateWise is a program that can dramatically change your approach to dating and help you see remarkably better results.

  • Are you divorced and unsure how to get back into dating?
  • As a widow, are you wondering if you’ll ever meet another man?
  • Do you keep finding yourself in relationships that go nowhere or fizzle out quickly?
  • Have you given up on finding love, thinking it’s easier to just stay single?
  • Do you want to change what’s happening, but feel frustrated and don’t know how to do things differently?

If you’re ready to say “YES!” read more about the DateWise Program and The Seven Steps that will get you on your way to finding love.

Note: DateWise is NOT a dating or matchmaking service. We provide extensive guidance and tools on how to develop a completely new way to date that can lead you to the love of your life.

Learn more about the DateWise Program.

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