Jen’s Program to Dating and Love

Jen’s Program to Dating and Love

You will approach dating in a confident, honest and strong way – and smart healthy men will be attracted to you.

My program is based on knowing we are each loveable and deserving of love. It’s about setting an intention, attracting what you want and what’s good for you now and for the long run. It is based on getting in touch with your truth about love and making the best decisions that are in alignment with you. I do this in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Other coaching sites sound like social behavior 101 class: “learn how to open the ‘natural way'” and “lean how to start a conversation from scratch”. This assumes you were not raised by wolves. My approach embraces the beautiful and smart person you are. You know how to start a conversation, how to listen and you know the qualities of a good person. You just need help connecting the dots that are already there. Please don’t pretend to be someone you’re not in an attempt to get someone to like you. Be yourself and be true to the person you’re dating. The real genuine beautiful you is what he gets now and the years ahead.

I will help you:

  • Say “yes” to finding love
  • Uncover what’s keeping you from being in a successful relationship
  • Know how to spot unavailable men – of which there are many forms
  • Learn the secrets to men’s motivations
  • Attract what you want in your love relationship
  • Create your personal Dating Plan and stick to it
  • Use this information to find love.

Self-study and reading is not enough to get you there. You have to combine the “how tos and tools” with real life guidance from someone who can see around the corners and guide you to and through the obstacles so you can find love.

My program is a combination of Self-Assessment, Goal setting, the Seven (Big) Steps to Love©, your personal Dating Plan, and most importantly, Personal Coaching.

Congratulations – You decide to find love!

Weeks 1 - 2
  • We have a 30 minute conversation to make sure we’re a match
  • You complete your Self-Assessment
  • You choose the Package that works for you
  • You receive my e-workbook The Seven (Big) Steps to Love ©
  • We meet in person to learn more about you and your personal goals

Weeks 2 - 3
    • You learn The Seven (Big) Steps to Love©
    • We establish Personal Goals & create your Personal Dating Plan

Weeks 3 - 4
    • We launch your Personal Dating Plan
    • You start meeting men!
    • You track your Personal Dating Plan on our Client-only web section

Weeks 4 - 12
    • I Coach you step-by-step through your Personal Dating Plan
    • I Coach you on how to handle difficult situations and conversations
    • I Coach you on getting to MER (monogamous exclusive relationship)

Weeks 12+
    • I coach you on moving from MER to CMER (committed monogamous exclusive relationship) and beyond!!