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Prince Charming 2

He says a lot of awesome things about himself. More to say here. ewe

Chris Bickley
Prince Charming

Hi! I’m simple, caring, humble, a little nerdy and searching for a friend. My best match would be someone who enjoys physical and emotional closeness. Independence is great, but for me it has some limits. I want to be and feel close to someone.
A few things before I go much further:
I’m actually a little nervous about this.
I am allergic to cats.
I drink rarely as in one or two drinks in a month.
I am looking to date someone not too far from the greater Seattle area.
On to the more fun stuff.

I am originally from Arizona and moved to the Seattle area 23 years ago. Some things that keep me happy on a daily basis: being a dad, getting a full night of sleep, and my morning coffee. I am definitely a morning person.

I have two great kids: a 15 year-old daughter and an 14 year-old son. They live with me part time, so it’s important that anyone I meet at least likes kids.

I am a good listener, thoughtful, affectionate, and respectful. I listen before I speak, and try to keep an open mind. I am a bit quiet around large crowds. (For the MBTI folks out there, INFJ, so maybe a bit more understanding if you know about that. If not, go read about it. You might understand where I am coming from.) Being non-judgmental of people is a quality that I value in myself and seek in others. About the only cliche I like to follow is keep it simple. I take time for myself and my kids and let the rest of life fill in after that. I like being active, but also need down time between activities. I would love to add a relationship to that list.

My taste in music is most closely along the lines of pop these days, I’d say my favorite acts are: Coldplay, Mumford Sons, Bruce Springsteen, the Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, MB20, John Mayer, as well as classic rock from 70’s and 80’s.

I’ve done a little traveling but would love to meet someone who is interested in seeing the world together in the future.

Overall, not a hardcore Northwestener, but have adopted a few of the native activities. Hunting and fishing are NOT included in my list. Hiking, casual kayaking, casual biking, I love them all. I also enjoy running and do my best to stay on a routine with it. It isn’t just exercise for me, I actually do enjoy it. I am a bit of a homebody during the winter months and try to catch up on movies and reading. Not one for snow sports. I am not one of those people that will say I never watch TV. I do. How else would I keep up with the Seahawks and NCIS? Most TV watching is pretty limited to Netflix or PBS though.

I am looking for someone to complement me rather than be my twin. She should have some of her own hobbies and interests, but also place a high priority on spending quality time with her mate, doing something or nothing at all. Emotional and financial stability (I am not saying wealthy at all here) are a must. What usually attracts me to someone is a relaxed nature, a sense of confidence, and femininity. A natural look is ideal. Jeans and tshirt casual is fine by me. 🙂 She might be goofy, creative, unique, or maybe even a little quirky. Standout qualities would be a woman who is fit but not fanatical about it. Common interests are great, but common moral beliefs are more important. Quality time is vital.
I love tasteful public displays of affection (kissing, hand holding, hugs) and am never afraid to show how I feel with a woman. I like open communication and honesty and don’t believe in keeping secrets. Communication is an ongoing work in progress if you ask me.
Most importantly, yes, I am looking for the long term and you should be, too. I am looking for a best friend and a relationship that can stand the test of time. Small steps first though. If you are interested, say hi.


i love him




He’s my main squeeze.


We met and fell in love.

Tom Johnson

Recently moved from San Fran
Enjoy hiking, riding motorcycles, playing the guitar and experiencing the area

Dave from Sammamish

We connected on Tinder. We wrote a lot of texts and then agreed to meet for wine. At first he suggested the Westin In Bellevue which triggered me because it was a hotel. So I sent him a note to clarify I was not into a hook-up. So he called me and said he wasn’t either. Then he changed the location to Purple. We met at purple — stayed for about an hour and a half. Had a glass of wine and split an order of chemistry. The conversation was pretty good and I liked him. He seemed to meet some of my screening criteria– valued his marriage, liked his kids, had a good education and a job as a management consultant in quality improvement which I have an interest in as well.

He asked me out for a second date right away. and because I was going to Mexico it was after I got back. We went for a walk in Kirkland and then he wanted to get something to eat. But he didn’t have a restaurant in mind and we picked a bad Mexican place just out of desperation. The conversation lagged. I also was probably tired and also I did not prepare questions.

Then he asked me out again and suggested we go to the art museum in Seattle. I thought that sounded great

Then he wanted to pick me up to go the art museum. I told him it would be easier for me to meet him. Then he suggested I drive to Sammamish to his house so we could take the HOV lane and he started complaining about the traffic. Then he suggested I meet him earlier so he could avoid the traffic. I found all this off putting so I just cancelled the date saying :” it sounds like today is a bad day for you and maybe we should go another time when the traffic isn’t an issue”

Then the next day he called me about 4:00 in the afternoon and asked if I wanted to go on a hike. Now it was Friday afternoon and I was at the gym. I just told him I had other plans and that I woud like to go hiking another time.

Then we didn’t talk too much for about a week. Then he asked me if I wanted to do something the following Monday. He suggested going to the Bloedel reserve on Bainbridge Island. He was basically inviting me to take a drive. I just wanted to do something like get a drink or take a walk or grab a hamburger. So I decided to ask him to do something I wanted to do which is go to a play. . I sent him the review and he said he wanted to go. This is where I started acting stupid because I bought the tickets. And then I decided to invite him over for dinner. I am not doing either one of these things again with someone I don’t know that well and am not even sure I am interested in. He came over for dinner and actually it was terrible because a) my food didn’t turn out that well that night and b) he wanted to watch TV after the dinner which bored me to tears and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of him. Also he wanted me to sit next to him on the couch and I said no.

Then the next day he cancelled on me for the play. So I lost out on the money I had spend.

I put too much effort into trying to make something work. — by trying to give him a chance and I picked bad activities — like making dinner and buying tickets to play. He just kept bringing up hiking. Also on the night we had dinner I gave him my “I want to take it slow and get to know you speech”

After he cancelled on me for the play — which I thought was terrible form on his part — I sent him a note saying it appeared that we both had doubts about the chemistry but if possible I still needed a hiking buddy. He said that sounded good but he never initiated anything else.

In short he kind of drove me crazy because he kept throwing stuff out there like “well maybe we can do that on our fourth date” but he didn’t really seem decisive or clear about what he wanted to do, Except he kept wanting me to come to Sammamish and to go on hikes or drives. He didn’t seem to be a guy I could go into Seattle with. But he was a nice guy. It seemed we got along better in texting than in real life.

Scott from Seattle

I connected with Scott on Tinder. He suggested right away we meet at the Butchers Table in Seattle for a drink. I was prepared to go stay for an hour and leave. I liked him right away. He was easy to talk to. He met all my initial screening criteria — about my age, ok looking, really great job, really had valued his marriage, liked his kids, liked music etc. At the end of the date he asked me to let him know what I thought which I found a bit confusing. But I liked him so when I went home I sent him a text saying I had a nice time and I would like to see him again. Then he answered by saying something to the effect that he had a nice time but he wouldn’t be able to see me again right away as he things to attend to. He then made a comment about not being able to date multiple people at the same time because he wanted the relationship to be meaningful. I didn’t know what the heck that meant and I was disappointed — I couldn’t tell if it was a brush off or true but because I had felt like he was so straightforward and honest during the conversation I thought it must be true. So I let it go for a week. And then I sent him a text saying I was new to this dating stuff and could I have a do over? Thinking maybe I talked too much about why I was separated(won’t do that again) He responded by saying that I did nothing wrong it was just that a previous relationship had re emerged and he wanted to see it through. He hoped I would understand. He said he found my candor endearing and showed a lot of integrity. In any case I liked him but that was that.

David from Bellevue

We met at Sea Star in Bellevue for a drink. I took an uber. I made sure to keep it to an hour and a half. He asked me if I wanted to get dinner and I said gee I had to get home as I had a project I needed to finish. I had one drink and we split and order of crab cakes. He talked a lot. He is from the east coast. A couple things bugged me — one is that he is currently separated because he decided he didn’t love his wife of 30 years. OK this just hits a little too close to home for me. He is in the middle of the divorce. He had been divorced previously. He has children and seems to enjoy them and get along with them. I guess I just couldn’t figure out what a guy at 68 could be looking for after being married for 30 years. He had retired about two years ago and then an old employee called him up and asked him to come back to work for him. So he had moved from Atlanta to Seattle and I guess in this process decided he wanted a new life without his wife.

I had already checked out his profile on the Port of Seattle web site so I felt pretty confident he was telling me the truth about his job etc.

He told me he was a little surprised I had agreed to go out with him since he was older than my profile said regarding age range — I had put down 55 to 62 as an age range. He said I was prettier in person which was nice.

I am not sure he is a match for my values given his decision to leave his wife. He asked me out again this time for dinner. I know you don’t recommend dinner but I said ok. Probably should have angled for something else. Sometimes I am not too fast on my feet.

The most awkward thing happened though because we had the drink two weeks ago and then he asked me out for the next Saturday. I went to Maine to visit Matthew so I told him I was going to be out of town so we made the date for the following Saturday. Then after I got back he called me on Thursday and I thought we were confirming plans for Saturday. It got a little confusing in the conversation because he said things like well we could meet for a drink on Mercer Island or I could pick you up. I am thinking he is saying we can meet for a drink and then drive together to seattle. So I am ok with that. He tells me about an event he is going to that night and says he’ll call me later.

Then later that evening he calls and leaves me a message that he is on his way over. I am super confused. So I call him back and he says he thought we were getting a drink that night. I said I thought we were talking about Saturday. Then he said no I said tonight. So then I felt super awkward and I apologized but said I had missed that. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. So he said well its not worth talking about and hung up. I got the definite impression he was miffed. So I texted him and apologized again explaining when he called I was still in my gym clothes and I had totally missed the part about tonight. I blamed it on jet lag maybe,. In any case I didn’t hear back from him until the next afternoon when he called to tell me he wasn’t going to be picking me up that night. So I was glad he made kind of a joke.

I really don’t like being in the Saturday night prime time date spot so soon. It is a lot of pressure. I want to avoid this in the future


I met Kinnon on tinder. We corresponded a lot — then we met at el gaucho in Bellevue. He was late, he didn’t take his sunglasses off until I asked him to. He talked about himself and his cases in front of the supreme court. I thought he was pretty pompous He didn’t ask me too much about me except did I know so and so. I didn’t. So we split the bill. He didn’t even offer to walk me to my car. He had no interest in me whatsoever. He made that obvious. I wondered why? However I had no interest in him either. I did not even send him a text after to thank him for meeting me. There was nothing to thank. I had put a lot of effort into looking nice and showing up and he seemed to not even try.


Well it is Monday morning quarterback time. I think it need to specifically figure out questions to ask when I first meet. What I typically do is ask them questions about things on their profile and try to go from there. But last night it didn’t work so well and I am not sure why.

I went with Carlton to the Roanoke on MI for a glass of wine – I know what you said about coffee but it keeps working better for me to meet later. Anyway, we had good banter in our text messages and I was excited to see if it would work out as well in real life. Well it didn’t and I can’t tell why.

So I got there and I wore white jeans and a reddish orange cold shoulder top – a little girly I thought but not dressy.

He had on shorts and a green running hiking type shirt – I didn’t really mind because it is the Roanoke and you can’t get more casual than the Roanoke. Also he is a climber – as in rock climber mountain climber.

He is 64.

We met – he had already ordered a beer. I ordered a glass of wine. He was polite but he didn’t seem to want to make eye contact. So it was really difficult to figure out if I had on too much eye makeup – which I really tried to play down or he just immediately knew I wasn’t a match for him. He was very dry and deadpan in his responses. Not a lot of emotion in his face but my sense from his texts etc. is that he is a very sensitive guy. For example, he mentioned in his profile that he had a horse. So I asked him about his horses. Well it turns out he tried to work with rescue horses for a while and then decided to just buy horses train them and then give them away. Now I am looking at him thinking seriously wow how generous and I say that and he shrugs it off. And I say well why do you do that? And he said there are lots of girls that want horses, I don’t really want to take care of a horse, maybe when I retired I will have a horse. So he has horses but they are in Colorado being trained in dressage an then he gives them away.

He had a picture of Antarctica on his profile. Turns out he went there to climb mountains.

I asked him about his work and he was very vague – a company that gets products into stores. OK.

I asked him how long he had been divorced and he commented that that was a stupid question because it didn’t tell you really anything. I didn’t follow up on it but if I had been on my toes I guess I would have said something like well why do you think it doesn’t tell you anything.

To make a long story short, I could tell he wasn’t interested but I don’t understand exactly how people know this so quickly.

At the end it was like nice to meet you. Adios.

I think I either need to work on my questions. I reread your section on first dates and I guess I am reluctant to bring up questions like what are you looking for in a relationship etc. on the first meet because I don’t want to appear to eager. But maybe that is where I need to be heading.

SO we probably need to set something up next week before you go Mountain climbing.


the Samurai

The samurai and I met first for a drink at Carilion point. He talks a lot — he is still married going through a divorce. He seems to have a lot of money. I liked talking to him ok. But he was vague about the getting together again part.

He finally sent me a text asking me to lunch someday sometime.

since I delayed answering it because I wasn’t sure what to propose he finally came up with an actual day and time. I happened to be busy so I proposed an alternate day and time.

At this point I almost think I could just cancel — there is little momentum on my side but I will keep the lunch date

tom went to Berkley likes economics

ould like to meet a woman with an inquiring mind, someone with confidence and courage and who is at the same time feminine. I am interested in a long-term relationship.

I’m looking for someone to share good conversations and laughter. In my view, the most important thing in a relationship is conversation, good conversation. As Nietzsche said, “Marriage is a long conversation” and I agree.

My interests are varied. I read a lot. I like to stay fit. And I don’t watch many professional sports. Well, maybe a little golf on tv. (Is golf a sport?) The sun is always shining on the Golf Channel!

I enjoy witty repartee, have a goofball sense of humor (a little silly) and enjoy discussing the issues of the day. I am a combination of intense and light-hearted. I am an introvert, but I hide it well. I am romantic and I like holding hands.

People tend to notice my wit and sense of humor. I have positive energy — I am an optimistic and happy person. I was lucky and grew up in a large and wonderful family. I like having fun. On the other hand, I am disciplined and a bit of an intellectual. Reading is a passion. I have written two books and am working on another one. I appreciate art and collect art, but am not an expert.

I am an entrepreneur and am passionate about entrepreneurship and business. I think business is performance art. I appreciate fitness and have been a disciplined athlete all my life.

Okay, okay. I realize that the never been married thing is a red flag…or several red flags…perhaps all of the red flags. For the record, I have had a number of long-term, serious, committed relationships. No, I am not afraid of commitment. Far from it. Please do not hold the never been married thing against me. Perhaps just a yellow flag? 😉

David from Redmonds

I connected with David on Tinder. He seemed active fit and my age. He was cute. He was a retired stockbroker and now worked as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He liked taking bicycle not motorcycle trips across Spain, Switzerland, France. He was actually handsome and really cute. He had a pointy noise like mine ( you don’t see that very often.) Never married — mentioned two long term relationships. Has two older brothers about 10 years and 12 years older that he is not close to.

He just didn’t seem into me. from the beginning. The conversation was fine — we met at Bennets on Mercer Island. We each had a glass of wine. He reminded me a little of el gaucho. Like when the bartender asked if we wanted something to eat — he said no we’re good. I could tell he was measuring his wine. He wasn’t going to want more.

The first thing he said to me was Hi, then I have to go to the bathroom and then how it shook him up to see a rabbit almost get ran over on his way there. Now that is one of the strangest opening lines yet.

When it was over I split the bill with him. He didn’t offer to walk me to my car. All signs of he was not interested.

So far I am not batting a 1000.


So I am going to cut to the chase here.

There was Jim — the stealthy attorney who I thought stole my credit card receipt. He wanted to go out again right away and I liked him but there was something a little too slick about him. Also he was the guy who didn’t have a facebook account or a linked in account. Maybe he was in witness protection or a spy. He really liked me asked me out right away for a second time. But then when I questioned him about hey where did you say you worked again, or hey where did you go to law school he got super defensive and said something like “finally I meet someone I like and then they start finding stuff wrong with me. So we had some difficulty scheduling the second date. I was busy on Saturday — He was busy on Sunday. Then I said well how about Wednesday. He was super agreeable. Too agreeable after all that defensiveness. So I said you know I think this isn’t a match. And just like that he disappeared.

Richard — Starbucks Roastery

Ok Richard suggested meeting at the SBUX roaster on Pike. I had never been there so I said sure but after I got there I thought this is crazy. He had suggested getting together as friends as he would be reserved about getting involved with someone who is separated. So I thought well fine then we got together and talked a lot about the separation and divorce. He was 67 and super skinny. Just not my type. He seemed nice but he had been married to a woman who was manic depressive and had actually tried to divorce her four times before he actually did. He and I have a lot in common meaning we take a lot of punishment. In any case he could be interesting but after the coffee I didn’t hear from him so I sent him a text just asking hey did he want to be friends and get lunch sometime or was there just too much divorce drama with me for him? and he said he did but then once again it is not like a friendship where he sends me texts or asks me questions so I think that is going nowhere.

Olin met at Blue Acre

Olin was cute and 66. He had a horse. We had some good text banter and I was looking forward to meeting him. He sent me a note saying he was going to be 10 minutes late because he had made the mistake of driving in downtown Seattle during rush hour. Now at this point I am thinking this guy has me meet him literally across the street from where he lives at 6:30 and he goes somewhere in between work and our date? Sounds fishy. So I sent him a note and said no problem and joked that his previous date must be running late. Well amazing he showed up right on time. He wasn’t as cute in person. He seemed to go in and out of being present which made me think perhaps he had had a prefunction. He got up to use the restroom twice in an hour and a half saying he had been drinking a lot of water previously. He apologized for his flushed face by saying he had been out in the sun a lot on the weekend. I decided he was either on drugs, or a heavy drinker. I asked him where he had to go before out date. He said he went to get his car washed. Seriously I put all this effort into looking nice and this guy goes to get his car washed which causes him to be late? then he said he went to QFC– I am thinking wow you really are not trying to get on my good side.

He is alternatively nice and then kind of aggressive in how he worded things. I really had no idea what to think about him or what he was thinking. I couldn’t tell if he liked me or not. I couldn’t tell if I liked him or not. But I was not getting a great vibe. Then he topped it off — this was when I was getting ready to go with the million dollar question. Do you find me attractive enough to sleep with me? I was stunned. He said because that of course was where this was heading so what did I have to say. So I repeated the question to buy some time. And then I just said well, I don’t work that way so for me it is not instantaneous yes or no. I have to know you. And he said he found me attractive enough to sleep with. Weird. SO I left and said well give me a call. And then he sent me a long email the next day saying we were not a couple because I had given him a really weak response to whether I found him attractive and for him the physical thing was so important etc etc etc. I thought Man that is 90 minutes of my life wasted. I wished I had just gotten up and walked out when he said that but I didn’t Need a better response. First time that has ever happened.

Bill from Fed way

I am just adding Bill to get this section up to date. His picture were reasonable on Match and he seemed nice — we agreed to meet at the Metropolitan Grill. When I walked in I knew I had made a really wrong choice. He looked older than his picture — and his picture was a push. On top of that his clothes were totally wrong for the place. I had kind of objected to meeting him at all because of where he lived but I decided to be open. I finally figured out he actually lived in Steilacoom.

Now here is the kicker the guy was the best listener of anyone I have met. He asked me questions and listened and actually asked follow up questions. But everything about him screamed at me that we were not a match. He was not a match for the metropolitan grill. He stood out like a guy who had never been to town before. I know this is snobbish. I did my best to be polite interested in him etc. We had out glass of wine. and then I called it good.

He wanted to see me again but it was just not a match. This told me either — a) I have to pay more attention to picture or b) not care so much about appearances. But right now I am looking for a young looking vibrant guy. and this guy was paunchy and tired looking. So he looked older than his stated age of 64. I said no to anything more

Robert Cascina Spinasse

Robert I met at Cascinna for a glass of wine. I thought it was a weird place to meet for wine since my impression is that it is a dinner place.
This guy was super educated — Yale lawyer etc. However, he was annoyingly complimentary on my appearance. Then he proceeded to order a whole dinner even though I had been super clear that we were meeting for a glass of wine.

I had a talk with my therapist about this (and Jen too) after. Because I was trying to set a boundary by being super clear about a glass of wine. He got the boundary because he joked about how clear I was about it — but then he still step by step pushed in. First by ordering an appetizer to split — then a pasta to split then a desert. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. He wanted to see me again and said how about Friday or Saturday. (this was a Wednesday) at this point I was kind of flexible around it — and I said ok Friday. Then I went home and said why did I do that. It would mean jerking my whole life around and I decided I wasn’t willing to do that. So I sent him a note saying Friday wasn’t going to work after all — how about if we met the following week? (I am trying to be open minded here) and he said sure let’s shoot for Thursday. Then I never heard another word. Then I looked him up and discovered he had lied about his age! He stated he was 70 (which is really way past my limit) and then I saw he was really 74. So I just said ok. The guy is controlling and a liar. And I let it go.

John from west Seattle

I was excited to meet John. He said he was working on Spanish and we had a few conversations via text in Spanish. His Spanish was horrible. But hey I liked the fact we had that in common. He sounded interesting and on top of that he was 61!! which looks like the fountain of youth to me. He was in good shape based on photos and seemed to have a lot in common with me.

We agreed to meet at Bennets on Mercer Island. I thought this was considerate because he lives in West Seattle (I found out later he works in Bellevue) When I walked in I could tell from 30 paces that I wasn’t what he was expecting. He was obvious. He didn’t really look at me. I had to try and warm him up and then he whipped out his credit card as soon as his wine was done. Out the door. I sent him a nice to meet you note and did not hear anything back. I have no idea what he was expecting.

Chuck the engineer!

Chuck complimented right off on my profile saying it was one of the most interesting he had read and how he thought that was key because communication skills are so important in a relationship. etc etc. He lived in Richmond Beach which I thought — hey that is a long way away — but he agreed to meet me on Mercer Island. So we met. He was also closer to my age like 62. He was not overly cute not unattractive just kind of a guy. I asked him lots of questions. I was trying to take a different approach — like “tell me about your most interesting work experience” so we ended up talking a lot about past experiences. I thought it was interesting because I told him stuff about my childhood that no one else has found out. He talked a lot about his two marriages. I was giving him rope because of my trying to be open to different types of people.

Well he asked if I wanted to go on a real date sometime and I said sure. Then he said he thought we had talked too much about the past during our meeting and not about the future. He thought the future is what determines compatibility. I had no idea what he meant by this.

So a few days later he asked me if I was thinking about my future and I said sure. Then he asked if I still wanted to go on a real date. (didn’t I already answer this I thought) and so I jokingly said back “do you have some future oriented survey you want me to answer” and he said he did and could he have my email address.

So I was a little stunned. And I said seriously? I thought you were joking. So I gave him my match email. And he said he could come up some good questions nothing too personal.

And then I thought well hey if you have questions you could call? And then I thought I am not filling out a survey. So I sent him a text saying that I was old fashioned and thought people just got to know each other by doing things to figure out if they are compatible or not. And so I wasn”t going to fill out his survey. He said he was sorry to hear that. He said he was trying to figure out if I really wanted a long term relationship or I just wanted an activity partner. I didn’t even understand what that meant. BUt what I think is that guys don’t want to spend money on women just looking for dinner. So they are trying to minimize their risk. Unfortunately because of my answer I never got to see the survey.


Alec and I connected on match before Tom and I decided to give it a try. So I told Alec something came up and I couldn’t meet up with him. Then when I cut Tom loose I sent Alec and email asking about how things were going with him etc. He said he would still like to get together and we did. We met for a drink at Bennets on Mercer Island. He lives in Camano Island and was coming home from North Bend and so it worked for him and me. We talked for about and hour and a half. I liked him right away but it is not so obvious why.

He was a combination of confident and vulnerable at once. I think we talked about philosophy and his love of dancing. I love dancing and folk dancing. Both of us have been in folk dance groups. He has lived in Geneva and worked as a lawyer for the United Nations and then in Washington DC. He has been married twice– the first time he was young and they had a child and he said it was just too much. The second time he was married for 13 years and had a son. The woman was Norwegian. He said they moved back to DC to see if the problems could be solved by being in the states. But they weren’t He said they fought a lot until finally he moved into a separate bedroom. He said he never cheated. He said he would have stayed for his son but his wife said if this is how it is going to be I want a divorce.

He moved to Camano in 2016 after quitting his job in Washington DC because he couldn’t stand the environment there anymore. He has been writing short books and has decided he probably needs to get a job as soon he will spend his savings etc.

Our second date we went swing dancing at Century Ballroom He was patient, nice with my screw ups and generally his whole face lights up when he smiles. I like the fact that he is cute, is comfortable with himself, is philosophical, is ok with being emotional and close to my age 62. He is not a dresser, He does not appear to have tons of money although he has tons of intellect.

On our second date we met first for a “light meal” then did swing dancing and then we had coffee. We talked about Christmas. I liked that he listened to me about what I liked about Christmas because his third date suggestion was around going to Benaroya Hall and listening to the boys choir in a festival of carols. I like that he believes in a larger power. I like that he is emotional and physical. I like that he asks me about myself in a very non prying way. He was OK not knowing my last name. I told him my story and he said if that had happened to him he would be careful too.

After our third meeting he said well I was going to invite you to my christmas eve thing with my friends but you have a family thing. — I thought that was brave. He was going back to washington Dc to take care of some stuff right after christmas but expressed a desire to see me before he went.

So we had the weirdest date in that I met him on Mercer Island around five — we walked around and talked — then we went to Bennets and had a drink and two orders of calamari and then we walked around some more. I met him at 500 and I left him at 1000 and I could have seriously walked around with him all night. He brought me a book as a christmas gift and a picture of a cd that he wanted to get me. He said “if I knew your address I could mail it otherwise you have to wait until I get back” He is flirty and quietly sexy. I am really drawn to him. Kind of like a magnetic force. But I can’t explain it. Often I am tongue tied around him which is new for me. He told me he liked me and basically would like to see where this went. I was stunned. I mean 2.5 weeks in and he is saying he has no interest in looking at anybody else or starting anything else at the moment.

Which is also kind of cool because he is a very in the moment present person. His energy is very open vulnerable and kind of willing to go along. He told me his job was to spoil me. He said he was looking for the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. He was curious about my work and what I did and what I am passionate about. Note to self– it took me telling Tom I did stuff for three months for him to finally ask what I did.

So he doesnt fit my “checkbox” of someone like Steve but without steves bad habits. He fits my “someone who is interested in possibilities” “someone who likes me” and “someone I like”


Not on a profile


No profile


Online now
60 year old man
Juanita WA, USA
Seeking women 55 – 65 within 20 miles of Juanita, WA

our history
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Match me
Proud father. Teacher. Philosopher. Poet. Published Writer. Long Range Yacht Delivery Captain.

Did a career in the Service. Ex Corporate Pilot.

I have a son and daughter who are 29. My daughter will be married two years this June. No grandkids yet. They are two of the hardest working, intelligent and all around great people I know.
To say that I am very proud of them would be an understatement.

I workout daily and take great pride in my health and appearance.

I don’t smoke and rarely have a drink.

Writing is my passion and a big part of who I am. At present, I have five books on Amazon from boating to believing in yourself to my poetry.

I am a professional mariner by trade.

Just looking for a connection. Someone to share life with.

How do you touch it
When it has no surface?
How do you listen
When it makes no sound?
How do you see
With no light reflected?
How do you believe
When it doesn’t seem real?

You don’t………….You just feel.

Have kids
Yes, and they live away from home (2)
Want kids
Don’t want to have kids
Graduate degree
Body type
Athletic and toned
5′ 9″ (175 cm)
Spiritual but not religious


He’s a real person 🙂


There were many things I liked about him. He was cute.. He had great eyes. H


am not pasting text


will do later

Peter Anderson

Don’t have

Jim Morris

Don’t haveFor fun I like to
Indy movies, museums, theater and live music is how I like to spend my free time. I have lots of plants and some bonsai trees that I dote over. And an old home that keeps me busy. Also, see the Sports section above. Plenty of activities to share.
His summary
“…. and the pursuit of happiness.”

Made over 60-laps around the sun and I think I’m starting to get the hang of this “life” thing. I’ve just been taking it easy and one day at a time. I finally have all this stuff in balance (i think).

I am looking for that special woman who wants to be my life partner and to share all that this world has to offer. I want to share in the craziness, the boundless joy, endless amazing things and even the sad stuff too.

I believe in long, romantic, knee-buckling kisses (is there another type?) and I like to dance (as if no one is watching).

I consider myself to be eclectic and there’s not much that I consider “out of bounds.” I’m just as enthusiastic about heading up to a mountain to hike or snowboard as I am to go see a play. It’s all good. I loathe TV and much prefer to catch dinner and a movie. Travel is my real addiction, however. I love to visit far flung places and I prefer the road less travelled. I seek adventure, embrace spontaneity and prefer the edgier side of just about everything. I’ve seen about half the world; so I’m ~50% done.

I love to laugh and enjoy making others laugh as well. To a fault (mea culpa), I can find humor in just about anything (ask me about my Uncle Chick’s funeral).

Give me a shout if you are adventurous, can see beauty in everything around you and wake up every morning with passion for the day ahead. I am seeking a partner that is independent, a quick thinker and someone who possesses a sharp, sarcastic wit. I’m looking for someone who’s educated, emotionally stable, financially sound and has minimal prison time.

In exercising my right “to become smarter, later”, I’ve learned not to be critical of people’s lifestyles or beliefs. If something makes YOU happy, then that’s fine by me. That includes whether you are into Ouija boards, magic, card tricks (especially those good ones that still confound me), voodoo, reading tea leaves or the Ice-Capades. Although I will admit….I still haven’t figured out why god put tofu on the planet.

And while I’m on that subject: I’m fairly serious about eating healthy (tofu be damned) and keeping fit. If you think of ketchup as a vegetable source then we’d probably need gastro-counselling. I try to workout or do some outdoor activity every day. I’m not a body-nazi but my outlook on life is mo’ bettuh when I’ve got that part hummin’.


*Proud dad to a 20-something who is on his own in Colorado (there’s a couple of big pluses that come along with THAT (see photos)).

*I’ve got no baggage save for the kind you pack. Please match me on this one (the first thing….. not the second thing)

*Originally from the east and have lived in various locations around the nation. At this point I have lived in the NW long enough (once a week I shower with that Moss-B-Gone stuff that they sell at Home Depot); would like to consider picking up stakes if that could work. Living in another country is not out of the question; however, they must have at least some sunshine, relatively harmless warlords, legal right-hand turns at red lights and good mustard (French’s on a good hotdog is criminal).

*My partying days are in the rear-view mirror; so please don’t bother if this is a show-stopper for you. A glass of wine with dinner is fine. However, a fifth of tequila and playing “hey guys, watch THIS!” -although interesting undertakings- are another story altogether.

Mucho gusto and thanks for reading. I’m confident that you’ll find what you are looking for (like someone who’s already accepted tofu as a viable food source, for example).

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About him
Bachelors degree
Spiritual but not religious
Yes, and they live away from home (1)
Athletic and toned
No, but it’s OK if my partner has kids
5′ 11″
My favorite places to hang out
Love to travel; plain and simple. Never met a journey I didn’t like (okay… maybe Adak). Hard to choose favorites: Spain, Portugal, Peru, Tahiti, Down-Under, Ireland, China…s’all good. So. America is up next. Da Big Island is always in the mix.
His photos







White / Caucasian
Irish, Cat-Lick from the Big Apple. Family rumor has it that there may be some Brit in there with a dash of Cherokee. Bottom-line: ‘Merican, red-blooded……one each.
Spiritual but not religious
I do believe that God has written a script for me…. but unfortunately I die in the end. So…basically I am an atheist but perhaps that conjures up the wrong vision; so I will punt on this checkbox and go with the less-maligned “Spiritual but….”
New York, NY
Executive / Management
Currently on career # 3, after 33-years in the sciences. I’m an environmental emergency responder. Hoping to retire soon and move on. Don’t really care what you do for a living. Just love doing it.
State University of New York College at Cortland
Bachelors degree
Environmental Science Degree from SUNYNC (State Univ of New York….near Cornell 🙂
Has cats, dogs and fish.
I’m an animal lover. Really enjoy my pets but I’m not obsessed with them. They have their place in my world and it’s a mutual thang.
Exercise 5 or more times per week
These are my favorite things
I listen to KEXP, SiriusXM; enjoy the music from overseas. Love museums, galleries, going for a massage after a long day, the NYT crossword puzzle, Words w/ Friends, a fireplace and dinner-n-a-flick. Adventurous eater; loath fast food. Love to cook.
You both like
He’s looking for
11 in common
5′ 3″ to 6′ 0″
Yes, and they live away from home
Social Drinker
Graduate degree
White / Caucasian
Dark blonde
No, but it’s OK if my partner has kids
Spiritual but not religious
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Right now I am reading
How Democracies Die, The Peacekeeper, Noir, Dreamland, Just Kids, M Train, I Heard You Paint Houses, The Absent Super Power. New York Times. ANYTHING by Christopher Moore. The Onion. Huff Post. In the queue:You Too Can Ululate and Cooking with Heat.

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