Can A Long-Term Relationship Keep You Healthy?

by Jen Girard

For better or for worse … in sickness and in health.

Studies show again and again that relationships are critical to our long-term mental and physical health. This WebMD article Does a Better Relationship Mean Better Health? discusses that when we are in a relationship with another person, our behaviors are less risky, we tend to stay more socially connected with others and we feel more supported. Basically, we tend to take “better care of ourselves when we have someone who is invested in our happiness.”

The article states that “cohabitating has positive effects but not to the same degree as marriage.” Depending on your take on marriage per se, I have found that a long-term committed relationship between two adults definitely qualifies for the same positive benefits that marriage can bring.

A Wall Street Journal article A Healthy Dose of Loyalty concludes that loyalty and commitment offer real benefits for people in the long run—not only in love relationships but other areas of life as well, such as work.

So why would a great relationship benefit us in so many ways?

Getting down to the more pragmatic points: Two incomes, along with the economics of sharing housing and expenses, improve our financial well-being. This can mean less financial stress and worry, not to mention the ability to afford health care. Should you fall ill or have an accident, you’ll have a caring partner who can be at your side. Plus a partner can help you monitor healthy behaviors, such as eating well and getting regular exercise.

If you feel emotionally supported and connected, you feel better overall. People in solid, committed relationships experience less depression.

However, keep in mind that not just any old relationship will result in these benefits. An unhealthy relationship, a major split or a divorce can cause the opposite and have a negative impact. This highlights why it’s important to choose your long-term partner wisely. An unhealthy relationship can be more detrimental to your physical health and mental well-being than staying single.

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