Is he lying in his email or text?

by Jen Girard
Lying Text

You’ve gone out on a few dates and he said he’d get back to you yesterday about details on the next date. Yet when you heard from him today he said something like this: “Hey, sorry about yesterday and not getting back to you, but I ended up having to work late. How about you? How was your night?”

Huh—what does that mean? Is he lying?

Digital communication is tricky and sometimes things get miscommunicated. When you’re dating someone, you assume he’s telling you the truth. Yet it’s hard to know when you’re not there in person. Plus, he may be lying or stretching the truth.

Since digital communication is a way of life, especially with dating, it’s important to know what to look for. This article in the Wall Street Journal (pay wall) by Elizabeth Bernstein and Defense Intelligence Agency senior officer Tyler Cohen Wood provides some tips on deciphering fact from fiction when communicating by email or text.

Bottom line, if it doesn’t feel right to you, there is likely some fabrication or half-truth going on.

My recommendation if this happens: ask him directly for clarification versus jumping to conclusions.

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